In its first year - 2000 AD - over 1000 people participated from several countries. This included special All Saints Vigil masses, extended periods of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and parties for children. In our second year 10,000 participated.

Since these modest beginnings, the Night of Light has been adopted in many countries around the world with vast numbers involved each year from a Cathedral in India to a convent in New Zealand; from Churches in the USA and Europe to Africa; in Schools, churches, homes and church halls all ages have got involved. The Night of Light has been reported on in secular and Catholic national news papers in the UK (including a small piece on the front page of the Telegraph) and other written media around the world. It has been promoted by the Home missions department of the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales. There have been radio interviews on both Christian and secular stations and it has been promoted bythe international Catholic satellite TV channel EWTN who have tens of millions of viewers around the world.

Although it began in the Catholic Church it has been taken up be other Christians who while keeping it's essentials have adapted it to suit their own traditions.

The First Year

Night of Light was reported upon very positively in the Catholic press and in the Times newspaper. In 2000, people took part as far afield as New Zealand, France and Estonia as well as the UK.


Mass at the local
parish church

  .... followed by adoration Children's party at the community house.

The pictures above show some of the events from the first Night of Light. - Near Cor et Lumen Christi's community house, a special mass was held in the local parish church with adoration following. - Adoration was held through the night at the community house. Many children came to a party to celebrate All Saints dressing up as different saints themselves. Other churches and groups held similar events throughout the country and in other countries too.

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